Specifying the View which corresponds a View Model

Apr 15, 2011 at 4:52 PM


Is there a way within caliburn to override the default ViewLocator and specify the View I wish to be created?

I have two view different models which derive from the same abstract base view model, and the both need to hook up to same View. 

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Apr 15, 2011 at 5:28 PM

Are you speaking about view fallback in respect of the view-model inheritance tree (e.g. given ViewModelA and ViewModelB, inheriting from it, both should share ViewA)?

If so, I am using a code that does as much:

ViewLocator.LocateTypeForModelType = (modelType, displayLocation, context) =>
                                                     Type viewType;
                                                     var currentModelType = modelType;
                                                         var viewTypeName = (currentModelType.FullName ?? string.Empty).Replace("ViewModel", "View");
                                                         if (context != null)
                                                             var index = viewTypeName.LastIndexOf('.');
                                                             if (index < 0)
                                                                 index = 0;

                                                             viewTypeName = viewTypeName.Substring(0, index) + "." + context + viewTypeName.Substring(index);

                                                         viewType = (from assmebly in AssemblySource.Instance
                                                                     from type in assmebly.GetExportedTypes()
                                                                     where type.FullName == viewTypeName
                                                                     select type).FirstOrDefault();

                                                         //Recursively search for a view compatible with a view-model implementation...
                                                         currentModelType = currentModelType.BaseType;
                                                     while (viewType == null && currentModelType != null);

                                                     return viewType;
Note that the above code uses a different conenvention regarding views and contextes (i.e. given My.ViewModels.ViewModelClass and context MyContext, the view is identified as My.Views.MyContext.ViewClass), but I suppose you can revert it to the default approach easily.

Apr 18, 2011 at 12:26 PM

Thanks for the assistance Bladewise.

My scenario would be something like the following.  MyViewModelA and MyViewModelB both inherit from MyViewModelBase<T>.  Therefore the view locator needs to handle generic base class type names. As you pointed out , reverting this part of the method back to the default implementation handles this.

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On a seperate note, for any others whom this approach doesnt work. I found this blog post on how to specify the required view type based on using a custom attribute in the ViewModel class definition;