WP7 and generating Models from EF

Jun 12, 2011 at 3:04 AM

In my WP7 app, I intend to use a web service on the backend, which uses Entity Framework 4.1 as part of the DAL. I'm using a VS-provided T4 template to generate the POCO classes for each entity. I was hoping to use these same classes as the Models on the client-side in the WP7 app. However, the generated code uses a collection called a HashSet which isn't available in SL3, on which WP7.0 is based.

For those of you that are using a web service with EF4.0/4.1, how have you been working around this limitation in SL3/WP7?

Are you simply forgetting about maintaining fidelity between the client-side Models and the backend entity classes and just hand-coding the Model classes? Or are you using your own T4 generators?