ViewBinding lost after control visability set to collapsed and back to visible

Topics: Conventions, Framework Services, UI Architecture
Sep 7, 2011 at 6:29 PM

I'm using Telerik's OutlookBar control which I have populated with various viewmodels and then used the cal:View.Context=CustomTemplateView for each of the various templates it provides.  When the control is first drawn then everything looks great.  However there is functionality on the resize of a bar that grows the current item and pushes the other items to the minimized bar (one of the features of the OutlookBar). 

However what is happening is that when the minimized items are pushed back into the normal non-minimized, non-selected list the template/view does not rebind.  According to Telerik they are simply setting the views visability to collapsed and then back to visible again.  They have a outlookbaritem which is just a content presenter,

What I see though is my view (in a content control) and then when it comes back all I get is the empty content control.

I've tried calling refresh but that doesn't seem to do anything.  I'm binding as such:

<DataTemplate x:key=ListHeaderTemplate>


Does this seem like normal behaviour that I'm not just understanding?  
Any ideas on how to workaround this and/or force a rebinding of my view?  
I'm pretty sure there are lots of outlookbar events that I can access my viewmodel.  I also know it is still there as I can make it the current item and my 
template binding comes back.
Any help appreciated - I'm planning on mocking up a sample to send to them if it is easy to replicate in a sample.