Handling WP7.1 task response in correct time

Topics: Getting Started, UI Architecture
Nov 1, 2011 at 7:27 PM

Hi, probably it's just me as I'm new to CM, but here's my question. I have a CM WP7.1 application which among other things has a view with a textbox to be filled with a title, an icon with a thumbnail of a photo, and a button to take or choose a new photo. When this happens, the proper task is launched and I can take or select a picture; then I'm taken back to my screen, which is resumed. The corresponding VM has a property for the Title and another for the thumbnail, with their change notifications.

Before leaving this screen for launching the task I save in the app storage my title, thumbnail and fullsize image (if any), so that I won't lose them. When resuming back, I get the new picture from the task, create a new thumbnail and update the VM accordingly. This triggers the VM property notification change for the title and the thumbnail. Problem is that at this stage the title is properly displayed, but not the thumbnail. I can be sure it is generated correctly because if I close the app and reopen it it is shown with its title; but this simply does not happen when coming back to the screen the first time the picture is taken or selected. This seems a timing issue, maybe the image is set in the VM (which then fires its notification) just too early for the UI to be updated. If this is the case, how could I solve this issue?