Windows Phone + Caliburn.Micro + Autofac a proper implementation

Topics: Bootstrappers & IoC
Jun 4, 2012 at 1:00 AM

I love Caliburn.Micro and Autofac. We have Caliburn.Micro.Autofac adapter to bridge them and it works for WPF and Silverlight but not for Windows Phone. It's pity. Tonight I've finished me proper (I guess) version of this adapter for WP. You can find it and a test project in my blog post The blog post is in Russian but you can find source code download link in the top of it. Feel free to post comments and bug reports here on in blog. It just works for general functionality of CM. I've tested StorageHandler to work with Property and EntireGraph syntax on Phone State and Isolated Storage as well. The current version of CM for WP has a bug with storing values in Isolated Storage. I've reported it already. My test project uses patched version of CM that has this issue solved.

I've send my implementation to David (the author of original Caliburn.Micro.Autofac). Hope he will incorporate it to his codebase soon.