Nested ViewModels

Topics: Framework Services, UI Architecture
Jul 18, 2012 at 8:20 PM

I need some guidance about how to handle nested Screens.  I have read the manual about Screens and Conductors, but become confused about how to impliment.  After several attempts, it's clear it's tine to consult with the experts.

Thinking of the Hello Screens Demo - Lets Say that the Customer had many divisions (each of which had many branch offices).  Also lets assume that we need a full screen of information about each Division and a full screen of infromation about each Branch office, perhaps finally calling the Dialog Box that already exists in the Demo, when needed, to modify the local  Address. (For example, CustomerName - Kraft Foods, DivisionName -Nabisco, Branch - SalesOffice in Minn.

Could one of you experts suggest what specific changes needed to make in the Hello Screens Demo to provide a set of nested (Customer-Division-Branch) screens to handle this example.  In a real case, we would probably need to access the "Address Goes Here" Dialog Box from any of the three nested screens.