Guidance on implementing extended splash on WinRT

Topics: UI Architecture
Jan 8, 2013 at 4:26 PM

I want to have a custom splash screen in my app and have successfully followed the guidance here:

...but tweaked it to fit the MVVM model a bit.

The issue is that i am getting the "flicker" mentioned in that article. This is caused by the splashscreen rendering slightly before its "ready" i.e. the image on the page isn't loaded yet.  This causes the page to load and then the image to "pop" in.

The post suggests that if you are seeing a flicker it is like that Window.Current.Activate is being called before the content of the page finishes rendering.  It offers a couple of methods (using a timer) to delay calling that.

However with Caliburn Micro and navigation to the Root view using: DisplayRootView<SplashView>(args);

I dont think i have the opportunity to control that.

Any suggestions?


Avoiding flicker in extended splash: