Switching between views with grids

Topics: UI Architecture
Jan 23, 2013 at 10:42 PM

I have essentially the exact same issue as was described in the following thread:


I can reproduce this with a very simple application. Two ViewModels/Views each with a data grid (I am using Infragistics XamDataGrid). Two ButtonTools on a ribbon that simply switch between the views by activating a ViewModel in a ContentControl. An ObservableCollection<T> is used as the data source and bound in the ViewModel. Regardless of the size (although in my actual application I have ~8000 rows and a couple dozen columns) there is significant lag in making the view switch where the UI thread jams up and the button remains pressed. I do believe my XamDataGrid is recycling it's components. It is almost as if it is the ContentControl that is redrawing everything. What really gets me is that the lag is not predictable and can range from almost nothing to several seconds. Nothing is being re-instanciated and there are no calls to outside services.

Has anybody made progress with this issue?