Binding control event to System.Action or any other delegate?

Topics: Actions & Coroutines, Conventions, UI Architecture
Jan 17, 2014 at 2:16 PM
Question as above, short example:

public System.Action SomeAction;

private void Function1() {}
private void Function2() {}

//in code somewhere
SomeAction = new System.Action(Function1);
//in code elsewhere
SomeAction = new System.Action(Function2);
<Button ...
    cm:Message.Attach=[Event Click] = [Action SomeAction()] />
Is something like that possible with Caliburn.Micro? I think it will be suitable in some kind of situations, but code like above throws an exception (MethodNotFound), which is not much a surprise.

Or maybe I should never lead to this kind of situation because it's a cause of bad design?