Improve my WPF Application resposiveness

Topics: UI Architecture
Feb 21, 2014 at 7:10 PM
I've a WPF Application (Framework)4.0 I started 2 years ago that was to have 2 funcion and now we're around 100... btw I' ve got a question since in those 2 years I've just added blocks without refactoring... I've a telerik busy indicator on each view that is set to true while data are beign fetched from the DB, that runs almost fine and performs well.. now I've stared using Servicestack for retrieving data (instead of ideablade).

When I've a single load it's fine. when I do some in parallel using Task.WaitAll(...) I got my GUI to be freezed for sometime and it hurts me... what's the best approach for avoiding this?

Another question it's related to the memory leaks.... I've almost all of my view that have a gridview that's bound to a BindableCollection<T> ...have I to take care of something special when closing a view? just not to leave a lot of stuff in memory