Pass Property Notification from Child view model to Parent ViewModel in Caliburn Micro

Topics: Actions & Coroutines, Conventions, Framework Services, Getting Started
Jan 25, 2015 at 2:03 PM
We are using Caliburn Micro and have a parent and child view models. The child view model object is instantiated in the parent view model's constructor and is exposed as a property on ParentViewModel.

ChildViewModel is inherited from PropertyChangedBase. I have a specific property(IsBusy) on childViewModel which when set, I want to notify in a ParentViewModel's event handler, have done following , but the event is not notified in parent view models' handler, please suggest approach or what is problem:

-In Setter of 'IsBusy' property on child view model :


-In constructor of ParentViewModel :
ChildViewModel chvm=new ChildViewModel();

-In setter of ChildViewModelProperty on ParentViewModel
private ChildViewModel _childViewModel;

_childViewModel.PropertyChanged +=_childViewModel_PropertyChanged </br>

-Last Piece for handler
void _childViewModel_PropertyChanged (object sender,PropertyChangedEventargs e){
if (e.PropertyName=="IsBusy")
// DO some processing

-Why NotifyOfPropertyChange() is not able to send property changed notifications to parent view model ? Is this method only for binding ?
•Do I need to use EventAgrregator for this scenario ?? If yes, kindly suggest