Caliburn, Xamarin and ETO

Topics: Extensibility
Jul 15, 2016 at 10:15 PM
My company has an WPF application that uses Caliburn.

I am tasked with porting it to Mac / Linux.

Xamarin.Forms doesn't really do desktop yet, so there isn't any Xaml.

I found a great framework called ETO ( sorry if I am not supposed to mention github on codeplex).

I was wondering if it was even possible to modify / use caliburn when there isn't any Xaml to do the magic? Does Caliburn under the hood hook into source code somewhere or do something at runtime that could do the magic without the actual Xaml?

ETO is basic code based. You create all your controls in code.

If I could write that code in such a way that it produced whatever is needed for Caliburn to do its magic at runtime, I am hoping that would just work and I could share all my ViewModel and business code directly rather than having to port a bunch and not share.