Caliburn.Micro v2.0.0-alpha2

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Released: Nov 25, 2013
Updated: Nov 26, 2013 by EisenbergEffect
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Release Notes

Caliburn.Micro v2.0.0-alpha2 is a major release with breaking changes. This version has undergone significant re-design, splitting it into two portions: a Portable Class Library core and platform-specific adapters.

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  • portable library net45+sl5+win8+wp8 (issue #259), SL4, WP71 and NET40 will not be supported
  • Support Windows 8.1 (issue #336) and use new Behavior SDK (issue #338)
  • Fix CultureInfo in CoerceValue
  • Remove Bootstrapper<TRootModel> and PhoneBootstrapper, use BootstrapperBase and PhoneBootstrapperBase
  • Remove package builder (will not work because portable/platform split)
  • Remove EventAggregator PublicationThreadMarshaller and Publish() without marshaller
  • Add EventAggregatorExtensions (PublishOnCurrentThread, PublishOnBackgroundThread, PublishOnUIThread, BeginPublishOnUIThread and PublishOnUIThreadAsync)
  • Fix OnViewReady should be called on child views too (issue #292)
  • Screen only have one TryClose(bool? dialogResult = null)
  • Coroutine uses CoroutineExecutionContext instead of ActionExecutionContext (as it is not portable)
  • SettingsService.RegisterCommand renamed to RegisterFlyoutCommand
  • CallistoSettingsWindowManager removed, replaced with SettingsWindowManager
  • Dependency on Callisto removed
  • Dependency on Windows.UI.Interactivity removed, replaced with 8.1 Behaviours SDK.
  • NotifyOfPropertyChange() does not support [CallerMemberName] at the moment
  • Fix Memory leak in ActivateWith() and DeactivateWith()
  • View/ViewModel-Locator performance improvement (issue #342)

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