2010 Caliburn.Micro Application Contest Winners

Many thanks to the Microsoft MVP program for providing the MSDN Subscriptions and to Jetbrains for providing us with several ReSharper licenses. Than you all for participating and congratulations to the winners! For those of you interested in learning more about Caliburn.Micro, MVVM or general client application architecture, I think you’ll find a very rich set of applications below demonstrating exactly those things. Enjoy!

Desktop Winners

1st Place

Roland Auer – Media Owl
Project at http://mediaowl.codeplex.com/
Demo at http://www.ra-design.at/silverlight/mediaowl/
Description: MediaOwl is a music and movie search engine.


Runner Up

Jeroen Bijlsma – Silverlight 4 Wizard
Project at slwizard.codeplex.com
Demo at http://slwizard.dotnet-works.com/Caliburn.Micro.BikeWizardTestPage.html
Description: An MVVM style Silverlight 4 wizard with unit tests.


Honorable Mentions

Michael DeMond – Common Framework
Project at commonframework.codeplex.com
Demo at common-framework.com
Description: A framework that aims to simplify common tasks in developing applications for WPF, Silverlight and the Windows Phone.

Sony Arouje – Photo Stream
Project at http://photostream.codeplex.com/
Description: Photostream is a Silverlight application used to showcase your photos.

Greg Gum – Silverlight Nav
Project at SilverlightNav.CodePlex.com
Description: Demonstrates combining Caliburn.Micro, SL Navigation and MEF.

Windows Phone 7 Winners

1st Place

Valeriu Caraulean – mGitHub
Project at https://github.com/vcaraulean/mGitHub.SampleApp
Description: Provides access to projects and repositories on GitHub. You can navigate trough few preselected repositories and users/projects, see detais, view project contributors and few other features.


Runner Up


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