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Binding with Caliburn.Micro Failing


I have a MessageBoxView and an associated MessageBoxViewModel class, as shown below
public class MessageBoxViewModel : DialogViewModel<MessageDialogResult> { ... }
public abstract class DialogViewModel<TResult> : PropertyChangedBase { ... }
In my MessageBoxView XAML I am attempting to bind to some properties within the MessageBoxViewModel class. However, using Snoop I can see that the binding is failing. the stack trace/binding error is showing:
System.Windows.Data Error: 40 : BindingExpression path error: 'AffirmativeButtonText' property not found on 'object' ''ShellViewModel' (HashCode=19096940)'. BindingExpression:Path=AffirmativeButtonText; DataItem='ShellViewModel' (HashCode=19096940); target element is 'Button' (Name='AffirmativeButton'); target property is 'Content' (type 'Object')
This view is for a dialog box, so I do not want this to inherit from IScreen. How can I get Caliburn.Micro to bind to properties in the associated view model?

Thanks for your time.
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tibel wrote Apr 23, 2014 at 12:25 PM

Note: Caliburn.Micro moved to GitHub, so nobody will respond on issues created on CodePlex.

For me this seems to be question and not an issue.
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