Control Panel behaviour with WPF?

Apr 6, 2011 at 9:28 PM


is it possible to get the look&feel of the control panel of win7 somehow? Mmhh.. wrong question, I'm sure it is possible. But does someone have an example how to solve it?

What I have done so far: starting from the winner of the contest - Media Owl - I have a listbox on the left with clickable Icons, each activating a second screen. IoC is Castle.Windsor, running on WPF. These Icons are loaded by Castle because of their IModule interface with an filename of an icon, a module name and a tooltip. But that's not exactly what the control panel is displaying.

The goal is to have a backoffice with, let's say, three modules: user management, inventory control, sales control. So in the shell view should be three icons, at the end it should look something like ( | := CRLF)

[UM.png] <b>User  Management</b>| Users | User Roles | Rights management

[IC.png] <b>Inventory Control</b> | Units | Stocks | Recipes

[SC.png] <b>Sales Managemesnt</b> | Articles | Families | Pricing

Anyone any experiences with sth like that? Experimental project is available on github...