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Async (Task) Support

From the beginning Caliburn.Micro uses IResult and Coroutines for asynchronous operations.

With .NET 4.0 Microsoft added Task to the .NET Framework for better supporting parallel/async operations. And in .NET 4.5 they added async/await keywords to C# and VB.NET.

Caliburn.Micro got extensions to support Task too.

Instead of registering an callback when a coroutine is completed you now can await it:

public static class Coroutine {
    public static void BeginExecute(IEnumerator<IResult> coroutine, 
                                    CoroutineExecutionContext context = null, 
                                    EventHandler<ResultCompletionEventArgs> callback = null) { }

    public static Task ExecuteAsync(IEnumerator<IResult> coroutine,
                                    CoroutineExecutionContext context = null)  { }

A Task object can be wrapped in an IResult and used inside a coroutine as if it were an IResult:

public static class TaskExtensions {

    public static Task ExecuteAsync(this IResult result, CoroutineExecutionContext context = null) { }

    public static Task<TResult> ExecuteAsync<TResult>(this IResult<TResult> result,
                                                      CoroutineExecutionContext context = null) { }

    public static TaskResult AsResult(this Task task) { }

    public static TaskResult<TResult> AsResult<TResult>(this Task<TResult> task) { }
yield return Task.Delay(500).AsResult();

The other way round also works as you can wrap an IResult in a Task by ExecuteAsync.
await new SimpleResult().ExecuteAsync();

And finally also EventAggregator supports Task with the IHandleWithTask<TMessage> interface.

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