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Obtain the Code

There are two ways to get the code:


Caliburn.Micro uses Git for source control. I highly recommend that you use the GitHub for Windows client which you can get here You can read instructions on how to get it working with codeplex here

Clone URL:
Username: <your codeplex user name>
Password: <same as your codeplex password>

Direct download

I only recommend this method if you are really uncomfortable with Git. Simply navigate to the Source Code tab, click the link for the latest revision, then click the download link.

Build the Code

  1. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the source code.
  2. Navigate to the "src" directory.
  3. Open Caliburn.Micro.sln.
  4. Press Ctrl-Shift-B (or use the Build menu) to build the solution.
  5. The assemblies will be generated in the "bin" directory under the root folder.

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